Types Of Jewelry

Bridal Jewellery

Exclusive and dazzling range of bridal costume jewellery is available in varying designs and materials to make the wedding day a memorable occasion. Different types of in expensive metals including white metal, bronze etc are exhaustively used to manufacture cosmetic bridal jewellery. Lac is also popularly used for creating exclusive and ostentatious designs for the bride.

Formal Jewellery

Formal JewelleryFormal jewellery includes an exhaustive range of cosmetic jewellery pieces for wearing on different formal occasions and functions. These jewellery pieces can be worn on weddings, family get together, corporate get together and meets. Formal costume jewellery is available in dainty and exquisite designs. The jewellery pieces are elegantly designed and exude sophistication.

Casual Jewellery

Casual jewellery is worn on a daily basis and is available in an array of designs and materials to cater to the personal tastes. Casual costume jewellery is made from durable materials as it is worn for long hours. Trendy casual jewelry pieces are in vogue. They are a must have for the fashion conscious youth. Exotic materials and innovative designing are used for creating beautiful and eye catching jewellery pieces.

Evening Wear Jewellery

Evening wear costume jewellery is crafted from various materials and can accentuate any outfit. These relatively inexpensive pieces of jewellery are modern, sophisticated and specially designed for evening wear. Evening wear jewellery is available in chic and stylish designs right from delicate chains to floral pendants, from jazzy stone studded bracelets, to crystal embellished chandelier earrings. Shells teamed up with beads and crystals are also widely used for creating exclusive and attractive designs. These jewellery pieces are given antique, matte or oxidized finish for catering to the varied tastes of the customers.

Spiritual Jewellery

Spiritual jewellery is the latest fad to have hit the women and men of all age groups. The jewellery is an international trend and is worn by the youth both for making a fashion statement and to be closer to God. Designs including depiction of prominent deities, fluid form of various Indian Gods. The jewellery designs are also inspired from symbols taken from different religious scriptures and holy text. Om base jewellery pieces have gained universal recognition. The jewellery can be worn on different occasions and is studded with semi precious stones and gems for a dazzling effect. Gold and silver plated jewellery pieces with carvings are popular. The jewellery pieces are given antique, oxidized, mattel and polished finish.

Costume jewellery is easy to use, and generally maintenance free.

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