Wedding Rings – the sign of commitment and love to one another. Each bride wants to have a perfectly nice engraved wedding ring, whether it is just a simple ring band or an expensive ring filled with stones. But some brides want to have their own customized wedding ring; they want to choose their own designs according to their own preference and style. Some would want to have unusual wedding ring designs, which will make sure that it is originally designed by them and no other couples could have the design or style.

A wedding ring is an important symbol among couples. Along with all the wedding preparations, which must be arranged and organized ahead of time, the wedding rings also needs to be carefully chosen and planned before the wedding. Some couples want to have a wedding theme that will tell their love story – having the wedding receptions in the first place that they’ve met or as bizarre as it may seems, designing their own wedding ring in the way that it will depict the story of their love.

Here are some of the designs that you will surely consider as the most unusual wedding rings ever.

  • The Bolts of Love Ring – this ring is perfect for couples who are, let say, both gear heads? Meaning, couples who are into mechanical things and wanted to express and show their affection on what they both love doing. You can either get it as gold plated filled with gemstones or bronze plated with a diamond on the center or in any way you wanted it to be.
  • Wedding Ring Tattoos – the most unusual wedding ring that was ever made. This is also of preference for couples who are very clumsy or prone in losing jewelry as well as for couples who are very superstitious—guess they are still present nowadays, huh? They believe that losing the wedding ring would be a bad omen and will cause havoc in their marriage. Wedding ring tattoos can be designed with inked patterns around the base of the ring fingers, and you can put any commentary words like “I do’s” or the couples name in it.
  • Fingerprint Wedding Bands – this is really a one of a kind wedding ring design. The wedding ring will use the actual fingerprints of the couple that will either be imprinted on the inner side or outer side of the ring. You can also customize it by adding diamonds to the center to accentuate the ring.

Choosing your own wedding ring design is also a true challenge, especially in looking for a style or design that will match own preference exactly. You also have to consider that your wedding rings will be worn on your finger for a lifetime – unless of course, you choose to take it off. So, you have to make sure that when designing your own unusual wedding rings, it is convenient and not a hassle to wear.

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